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Top 5 Content Tips for Your Business Website

Top 5 Content Tips for Your Business Website

1. Get Started & Get Social – claim and manage your online business presence

Whether you plan on having an active presence online, or are still questioning the benefits of social media, be proactive:

  • Claim your business name on social media platforms, before someone else does!
  • Manage online reviews of your business by claiming your business listing on local networks (e.g. Google Business, Bing Local, etc.)
  • Do the basics – complete your social profile(s) and give your customers and clients the opportunity to connect with you through social media.
  • Set up your website with social sharing buttons so your audience can easily and quickly share your content.

2. Know your Audience – develop your target persona(s)

bus1Answer these questions and get to know your customers on a deeper level:

  • Demographics
  • Profession and industry
  • Personality, interests and priorities
  • Current situation (married, student, etc)
  • Customer problem(s) and goals
  • Customer concerns (preventing purchase)
  • Customer emotions (hesitant, eager, etc)
  • Factors customers consider
  • Common questions and concerns
  • Business solution to customer problem(s)
  • Business benefits to customer

Target your content development to your audience! Focus your content and social media updates that are relevant to your audience:

  • Address audience needs
  • Product/Service benefits
  • Answer customer questions/concerns
  • Provide solutions to customer problems
  • Focus on purchase habits and emotions
  • Examine the factors customers consider

3. Develop Fresh Quality Content – give your audience a reason to return to your website

Audience wants, needs, desires and aspirations vary, and so must your content medium! Don’t just stick to text, use images, diagrams, videos and audio.

Research demonstrates, time and again, that visual content (images, videos, infographics, etc.) elicits stronger engagement than pure text. Include images and videos:

  • Make your post memorable
  • Break up text
  • Improve visual appeal and user experience
  • Keep the reader engaged

There are a variety of ways to create content for your audience!

Fresh Content – the process of creating original content and social media updates specifically targeting your audience. Keep it interesting and give your audience a reason to return to your website!

Evergreen Content – is content that is not time sensitive, and will remain relevant to your audience (eg-best practices, research, case studies) in the long-term. Evergreen content is always relevant (eg-a case study, research article, how to eBook, etc.), and provides value to your audience.

An alternative to producing original content is Content Curation – the process of providing your audience with content found online. It is important to ensure content is relevant, and useful to your audience. In other words, only share content that is from a professional source, that will provide value to your audience (eg-blog articles by industry leaders and other experts).

BONUS TIP: Use Keywords – Know the keywords used by your audience to find your content, products and services! Using keywords in content ensures that users, and search engines, can find you and your content.

For additional information on Keyword optimization for your website, see our 4 Step SEO Guide 

fresh content

4. Use Content Marketing to Share Your Content

The purpose of Content Marketing is to attract and retain readers/potential customers by creating and sharing content. All Content Must :

  • Be Relevant and Valuable to your audience.
  • Encourage engagement.
  • Enhance your customer and brand relationship.

Include a Call-to-Action within content and direct the reader to perform a specific action (eg-read more, call, buy, complete a form, etc.).

Your Goal: Aspire to be THE industry expert in your field by providing the most accurate, up to date, and informative content to the public! Become a resource for your industry, the go-to website for your target audience.

5. Plan Your Content – simplify your life with an editorial calendar!

Plan your content and set up a calendar or schedule for publishing new content on your website, as well as when content will be distributed on social media channels.

  • Test various days and times for optimal engagement on social media networks
  • Be consistent! Do not leave long time-lags between content updates or your audience will not only loose interest, but forget entirely
  • Remember to schedule and plan for national holidays
  • Link Fresh Content to relevant Evergreen Content on your website, and don’t let your content go stale

For additional tips and a quick reference guide see the SlideShare Presentation:


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