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Introduction to SEO – Part 1 – The Anatomy of a Webpage

The Various Components of a Webpage:

Web pages come in many different shapes and sizes, but there are some key elements contained on every page!

Before delving into the various components that search engine optimization, we first have to look at the make-up of web pages, and the information they contain:

Anatomy of a Web PageOn Page Factors are on the web page and visible to web page visitors.

Off Page Factors are hidden in the web page HTML code, and not visible to web page visitors.

URL – The URL is unique to each page and acts as the address of each page. URLs usually include relevant keywords and follow a consistent layout.

<TITLE> Tag – The title is the most important element visible on the webpage.

<H1> & <H2> Tags – Heading tags are similar to the <TITLE> Tag.

ALT Attribute Tags – Text describing the webpage images/diagrams/charts/etc.

Body Copy/Content – All written text on the web page.

META Description – Concise explanation of the contents of the web page (such as a sales pitch, product summary, etc.). The meta description text appears in search result listings, as shown below:

Meta Description

HTML – HyperText Markup Language:

HTML is the underlying code used to create web pages and denotes the basic elements of web pages, including the document text and any hyperlinks and images embedded in the web page. Search engines can pick up ranking signals from specific HTML elements.

HTML title tags are the most important HTML signal that search engines use to understand what a page contains, and how it should be indexed. Keywords are vital to this process. Read more below:

An Introduction to Keywords:

Other factors to consider are keywords and keyword phrases because these are contained in each of the components listed above, and are a major factor in the search process!

When someone is searching for information on the web, they will usually visit a search engine and type in words describing what they are looking for. The words used by people searching are called keywords or search terms.

Because keywords are so important for indexing web pages and searching for information, keywords are included in many of the web page components we have already discussed:


Keyword Research:

When creating web pages, or designing online ad campaigns, the starting point is always keyword research. Go through the infographic below produced by Elliance Inc. (a digital marketing agency) to get an idea of the process search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) specialists follow when conducting keyword research:





Understanding the various factors that make up a webpage (both on-page and off-page factors), and the importance of keywords will prepare you for Part II in the Intro to SEO series – The Anatomy of Search.

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