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Optimized Content

All Content Corner services are performed in accordance with SEO Best Practices to maximize the SEO benefits!

Quality content is a vital component of search engine optimization. Search engines penalize duplicate, stale and poor content. Search algorithms are constantly tweaked to display the most relevant and personalized search results from websites with authority and relevant keywords/content.

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 Search Engine Optimized Content Benefits

  1. Headline:
    headlines and title tags are quickly scanned (by search engine spiders) for keywords and relevance to search terms.
  2. Keywords:
    SEO is based on researched keyword targeting, on-page keyword placement and density..
  3. Content Structure and Length:
    content should direct the reader’s attention, be easily scanable, include sub-headlines, lists and an image, and make use of white space.
  4. Local Optimization:
    Local SEO allows websites to appear in the 7-pack, at the top of search engine results with geographic targeting.
  5. Fresh, Quality Content:
    Search engines penalize websites with stale content, and give preference to those with fresh, updated content, online authority, and social engagement.
  6. Social Engagement and Reach:
    Not only does social engagement improve conversion rates, social proof is also becoming more relevant to SEO with social metrics now displayed within search engine results.