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Social Media Services

With the increased emphasis on social metrics in search engine results, social media is rapidly becoming a content marketing platform, social media services include:

  • Social Media Content Writing
  • Social Media Strategy Development
  • Social Media Strategy Implementation
  • Social Media Channel Management
  • Social Media Training

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Social media marketing and content strategies work in parallel, and social platforms are used to distribute relevant content to targeted audiences.

In order to be effective – the information and content shared on social network(s) must:

  • Be important to the targeted audience,
  • Provide value to the audience,
  • Engage the audience, and
  • Be interactive.

In other words, Social media marketing is based on a foundation of quality content!

Social Media and SEO Benefits:

Social media can have an impact on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) including search engine visibility, ranking and online traffic:

  • Social Annotations Included in Search Results
    Search engines are incorporating social media data within search results. When, for example, a user searches Google, their search results will display any Google+1 shares from contacts within their Google social network.
  • Personalized Search Result Rankings
    Search engines also personalize the order of search results presented to users, and one of the factors in this algorithm is social activity and connections. If a user like, share or +1 a webpage, that page is more likely to appear higher in search results. The amount of social activity connected to a website will affect it’s search result ranking. Search engines are looking for engaging, popular (and relevant) content to display to users as these are some determinants of a website’s online authority
  • Inbound links
    A large amount of social activity involves sharing links (to articles, blogs, ads, etc).. although there is little value in links within social networks (because of ‘no follow’ attributes), there are SEO benefits to sharing links because users discover content through their social media networks, and this may lead to links in other locations (eg-blogs, articles, etc)